Cypher Sytem: Predation

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It’s 66 million years before the first humans will climb down from the trees. Going back seemed like a good idea. Until those SATI guys messed it all up.

We’ve got gear. We’ve got guns. We’ve even bioengineered a few dinos to our liking. And that’s good, because we’ll need it all to survive. History says there’s an asteroid headed our way, and there’s no one left alive who knows how to get back to the future. Dinosaurs and sci-fi mashup. From the minds at Monte Cook Games.

An entire campaign setting in a hefty, 192-page hardcover. A whole world, new character options, adventure material—everything needed to play.

Cypher System is the same game engine as Numenera, so this is a great next purchase for fans of Torment or Cypher Play: Numenera.

- description by the manufacturer

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