Velvet Generation RPG - Softcover

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The year is 2073.

A century ago, radio transmissions from Earth passed through a strange ripple in space, causing rock music to fall upon the mystified ears of an alien world. For five glorious years, the aliens grew to love the planet they believed to be on the other end of that beautiful signal. When the music cut off as mysteriously as it began, the aliens embarked on a generational pilgrimage to discover the source of the music.

Nearly a century later, the aliens have arrived, but Earth is not what they expected. Humanity has taken a dark turn, silencing music, the arts, literature...any kind of expression they believed could inspire “dangerous” thoughts. The Ministry of Music looms large over the entire world, stamping out rebellious culture with steel-sheathed jackboots.

With nowhere to go but forward, the Starchildren descended, joining the few Earthlings still carrying a spark of rock and roll. They catalyzed a new rock & roll revolution that will break the Ministry's chains on the soul of humanity.

This is the Velvet Generation.

Velvet Generation is the new reboot of 2002's original tabletop roleplaying game of rock and revolution, Starchildren: Velvet Generation. Players step into the role of an underground band, trying to survive under the Ministry of Music's bootheel long enough to strike back and topple the regime from below.


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